Support the Cemetery

How can you support the Cemetery?

With the lack of availability of new ground for development the number of interments within the cemetery is declining. As this trend continues it will necessitate the cemetery becoming more and more reliant on other sources of income.

 As a result it will become more and more important for the North Road Cemetery Community and those interested in the States Heritage and History to help fund the ongoing maintenance programs of the cemetery.

 Some of the ways you can assist

  • Investing in the Anglican Community Fund specifying all or part of the distribution go to the Cemetery maintenance program
  • Sponsoring an expired licence for a historical person
  • Renewing/extending family plots
  • Renewing/extending licences in your will


A bequest in your will is a gift that keeps on giving long after you are able to do so personally. It is the ultimate, selfless gift.

For organisations like the cemetery, bequests will play a major step in the maintaining and upkeep and ensuring the heritage and history of the is kept forever.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of leaving a bequest in your will to the North Road Cemetery, please contact the Manager to discuss your requirements.

Suggested wording for leaving a bequest in your will

“I give to           The North Road Cemetery
                          C/o The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide
                          18 King William Road
                          North Adelaide SA 5061
                          ABN63 193 215 958

For its general purpose   * free of all duties and testamentary expenses and Ideclare that receipt from an authorized officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors”.

The remainder or residue of my estate

A percentage of my estate

A percentage of the residue of my estate

A specific amount

Consult your solicitor to ensure your will represents your wishes precisely and correctly